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Nikhil Biju

Welcome to my personal website

I am graduate student studying battery engineering at the University of Kansas. My passion for renewable energy and electric vehicles has led me to work on battery modeling for state estimation and fault detection. This website aims to showcase my research, personal projects and blogs.

“The best project you’ll ever work on is you.”


I am involved with the Information & Smart Systems Laboratory led by Dr. Huazhen Fang at the University of Kansas.

Manuscript under preparation: N. Biju and H. Fang, “BattX: An Equivalent Circuit Model for Lithium-ion Batteries Over Broad Current Ranges,” to be submitted to Applied Energy

This is a link to a summary of my thesis. 

State Estimation

Being able to measure the state of the battery is key to maintaining safety and reliability.

Fault Detection

Causes for faults in LIBs
Understanding the common causes of faults in lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) allows for the exploration of preventative measures that can be taken.


Electric Bus Proposal

Overview: The ever-increasing dependence on fossil fuels has led to a drastic increase in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, specifically in the transportation industry. The implementation of electric buses (EB) globally has shown to be a promising solution to this issue due to zero tailpipe emissions. Nevertheless, the usage of electric vehicles (EV) will lead toContinue reading “Electric Bus Proposal”


Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

My whole life I believed that focusing on your strengths and following your passion is all you needed to become successful. It wasn’t until I read Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell, I realized how important seeking opportunities and understanding your background is, as well. Malcolm studies the elites in athletics, academia, business, etc.. and discovers patternsContinue reading “Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell”

My Week without Headphones

We are constantly listening to something. Whether we’re walking, working out, driving, studying, eating, or even meditating, we spend so much time with our headphones and separate ourselves from the present. Music allows us to harmonize and express our emotions. It is a type of glue they can bind us together. However, we have toContinue reading “My Week without Headphones”


We spend so much of our time trying to be perfect, never realizing that we already are. I believe that perfection is just an illusion that was created to motivate us to keep growing. I realized that happiness doesn’t come from finally achieving “perfection.” It comes from striving for it. It is during the journeyContinue reading “Perfection”