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Hello everyone,

My name is Nikhil Biju and I am a Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student at the University of Kansas. I have wanted to start this blog for a while now and I finally got the courage to do it.

Around the second year of my undergrad, I realized that most of the people I was spending my time with did not have the same mentality as me. I was never much of a reader. Through out my time at school I got by just reading notes online or guessing on the plot. Throughout school I was a good student, however it was hard for me put in the time to read things that did not resonate with me. My first book was Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. I was gifted the book by a friend. I finished that book within a week. It was not a very long book but it was a huge milestone for me. Time flew as I read that book. I realized the reason I liked it was because I could relate to it. I come from a middle class family. Throughout my child hood I was always looking for a role model. This book allowed me to create a better visual of what type of role model I was looking for. How can you hit something, if you do not know what you are aiming for? This book opened the doors to a whole new perspective of the world for me.

I kept reading but I never acted upon anything I was learning. Knowledge without action is completely useless. I was afraid of what others would think of me. Towards the end of my sophomore year I was extremely stressed and worried about my future. During this time, my friend had suggested me to watch a documentary by Tony Robbins on Netflix. After watching that documentary, my life had completely changed. I remember crying from the documentary. There are so many misconceptions that are placed by society. For example, we are constantly told to hold in our emotions or “real men don’t cry.” It is shown as a sign of weakness. In reality, this is far from the truth. If we want to laugh with our heats out then we must learn to pour our heart out first. I believe showing emotion is a sign of bravery and courage. It shows that others’ opinion do not effect you and you appreciate who you are. Ever since then, I have wanted to create a community for like-minded individuals.

LGA stands for learn, grow, and achieve. This blog is for those individuals who are trying to break out of the norm and just don’t know how. Remember: if you want to be extraordinary, then you cannot conform to the ordinary. Every week I will post something valuable I learned and great lessons that I learned from a book I’m reading. I want you to use this as a resource to become the best version of yourself. Everything I say in this blog will be honest and my opinion. I am looking forward to connecting with you and hope fully making your life just a bit better.

“The best project you’ll work on is you.”

Published by Nikhil Biju

I am a battery engineer looking to use my modeling and professional skills to make an impact in the electric vehicle industry.

6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Showing emotions indeed is a sign of courage and bravery !! 🔥
    Hi nikhil ! You mentioned “like-minded people” ,, and after reading your blog , I hv this feeling that you will like my blogs ..
    They are about selflove, selfcare, selfgrowth, emotions etc… so if you get some time , gv them a read & I would love to know your views on it too..
    and if you dont want to ,then thats cool too ..
    thankyou in advance 🙂


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