We often have to deal with situations where we believe we have no choice or control over it. We feel we are limited by our circumstances and have to deal the consequences no matter what. Maybe it’s not our circumstances that limit us. Maybe it’s our perspective.

I believe there are multiple perspectives for every situation. For example, there are two distinct perspectives for facing struggles or challenges. You can dread it and keep asking yourself: “why does this happen to me?” or you can use it as an opportunity and ask: “what can I learn from this?” We are defined by the perspective we choose.

Understanding different perspectives can also allow us to understand each other. In a society that is keen on labeling every individual based on a few distinct characteristics, we are often too quick to judge and are never able to understand one another wholly. I made numerous mistakes where I judged someone based on how they talk or dress and didn’t bother to get to know them further. This narrow mindset has prevented me from making numerous valuable relationships. I have realized the best way to overcome judging anyone is taking the time to understand them. Instead of only seeing a few pieces of the puzzle, we need to step back and understand the whole picture.

Even time has multiple perspectives. We can see time as a thief that takes away your days. Or, you can see it as a benevolent giver that gifts you every moment. Whether it’s joyous or despair, understand that it is temporary.

Taking the time to understand different perspectives has redefined my perception of the world. I have realized that nothing can be defined by one perspective; rather, it is a combination.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post! I would love to hear your thoughts down below! Tune in next Sunday to read about fear.

Published by Nikhil Biju

I am a battery engineer looking to use my modeling and professional skills to make an impact in the electric vehicle industry.

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