My Week without Headphones

We are constantly listening to something. Whether we’re walking, working out, driving, studying, eating, or even meditating, we spend so much time with our headphones and separate ourselves from the present. Music allows us to harmonize and express our emotions. It is a type of glue they can bind us together. However, we have to make sure it does not overwhelm us. We have to make sure that we are still listening to the oldest and greatest composer of all, Nature.

I lost my headphones about a month ago. I am always listening to something. When I’m at the gym, I listen to hip-hop or rock. When I’m studying, I listen to something slower. When I’m driving, I listen to the radio. When I’m walking, cooking, or doing anything that requires little to no effort, I am listening to podcasts. I carried my headphones with me everywhere and it wasn’t until two weeks ago I became aware of the illusion it creates.

We shift our focus to whatever we are listening to. In a way, we start believing what we’re listening to is the true present. The first two weeks I lost my headphones, I didn’t think too much of it. I didn’t realize how dependent I really was. I had backup headphones but I didn’t carry them because they were too bulky. So, the only time I would be listening to something was when I was home. Then, eventually, I started becoming aware of the changes.

Every morning I take about a thirteen-minute walk from my car to campus. My path lies in a beautiful neighborhood with wide houses and serene lawns. I started noticing the smallest details. I started to notice the curved shape of the sidewalk and the way it blends in perfectly with the road. I started to notice the way the sun shines through the branches of the tallest trees. I could hear the birds chirping and the squirrels jumping. I started to realize how heavenly the world really is.

Taking the time to just listen, allowed me to appreciate so much. I was able to become more aware of the present and gain a sense of control.

About a week later, I got new headphones. However, the music I listen to on my morning walk remains the same. It is the one song that I could listen to a thousand times and never get bored of. In a way, I think it is a type of meditation for me. I am able to pay attention to every breath I take whilst, listening to my surroundings. I’m not saying to quit listening to entertainment. I’m simply trying to convince you to take at least five to six minutes out of your day to take a walk outside and just listen. You’ll start to notice things that you had no idea existed. Listen with an open mind and a grateful heart.

Thank you so much for reading this week’s post! I would love to hear your thoughts below! Tune in next Sunday to read about perfection.

Published by Nikhil Biju

I am a battery engineer looking to use my modeling and professional skills to make an impact in the electric vehicle industry.

6 thoughts on “My Week without Headphones

  1. Awsome blog……we are soo engrossed on our mobile nd other gadgets these days that we ignore to see the beauty of nature around us..we dont realise how blessed we are


  2. Good one Nikki..we are all surrounded by technology and gadgets. Nothing wrong with any of them.The problem though is our over dependence on them. Agree with you that we need to find time to melt into nature. I am reminded of my childhood days …awsome they were !!

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